Jewelry Box: RubyMotion

By tony.

Jewelry Box entries will be my way of sharing a focused group of articles, gems, tips and tricks on a specific topic. 

These can be trending topics in the Ruby community, or it could be a collection of items that becomes relevant based on what I'm currently working on or what stage of a project I'm in.

I already have a half-finished post on the product development stage, but that's going to be pushed by the rush of articles and vids around RubyMotion.

RubyMotion is a non-open sourced ruby toolchain for iOS development from former Apple employee and MacRuby lead developer Laurent Sansonetti.  "It lets you quickly develop and test native iOS applications for iPhone and iPad, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love."  There's been a flurry of articles and reviews for the newly released product, so here's the collection of jewels to get you started:

RubyMotion - go here for the actual product site

Reviews (in no particular order):

ars technica | Ryan Paul

Merbist | Matt Aimonetti | Sam Soffes

Videos and examples: Both these entries provide an overview of the toolchain and a demo of the development workflow

pragmaticstudio | Mike Clark (50 min of video)

thechangelog | Sam Soffes

and finally, a good collection of examples to get you started from the creator's github account: