Blog compromised

By tony. was compromised through a malicious gem upload. the following is an excerpt from the googledoc document being used by the team with what looks like regular status updates of the situation. Link to the full document at the bottom of...

This Week's Videos 3

By tony.

A little thin on noteworthy media this week, but I did find a couple good ones by Matt Wynne:

Notables this week: 

I'm a proponent of BDD and use cucumber in my personal and client projects.  The next 3 vids by Matt Wynne demonstrate how...

This Week's Videos 1

By tony.

I think I'm probably not unique in my profession in that I watch A LOT of work-related videos. Videos on Ruby, Rails, UX, Design, Javascript / Front-end Frameworks. Most of the time, I play a video in a browser or player in the corner of my...