Gems and Jewels Roundup #13

By tony.

Over a month since I've posted a list, I've been busy with a project kickoff cycle - which I imagine would be a good post topic!

The Gems

reFiddle - A regular expression playground (jsFiddle for regex)

ActiveWarehouse - Ruby ETL solution; something I may be using soon as an ETL project from the past just raised it's maintenance-needing head!

nesquena/sheet_mapper - map spreadsheet rows to ruby objects

RubyMoney/money-rails - handle money objects including exchange rates

mhfs/devise-async - send Devise's emails in background jobs

MemSQL - in-memory database 30x faster than conventional disk-spaced databases, commercial though but interesting

schneems/opro - be an Oauth2 provider like the big boys

The Jewels - Flowchart: how to retinafy your website

50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers - Smashing Coding

wrocloverb - YouTube - video coverage of this year's wroclove conference

Getting Real: The bestselling book by 37signals - Free PDF version

RSpec: Asserting arrays' content without regard to order

Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Jasmine, HAML and Rails working together by Jeremy Walker